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Beating The Cold: The Benefits of An Equestrian Building

The festive season may have been and gone, but the winter weather is definitely going nowhere for now. Icy winds, torrential rain, threats of snow and hazardous ice plague weather reports from November to at least the end of February and can turn venturing out in the cold from an unpleasant inconvenience to an accident waiting to happen.

Outdoor activities are pretty restricted when there’s snow and ice on the ground, particularly if you have an equestrian interest and enjoy riding horses. Your training, and your horses’, can take a hit in these cold winter months as you become less able to ride outside.

Avoid The Cold; Ride Indoors

Just like we do, your horses still need exercise during the winter months. Thankfully, with our fantastic range of bespoke and professionally-constructed equestrian buildings here at Southcon, you’re able to continue riding and training whatever the weather.

This means you’ll be able to keep your horses healthy and in great condition throughout the winter months, as well as being able to enjoy more time riding.

By effectively training indoors you’re protecting both you and your horses from the hazardous winter conditions. Snow, rain and impaired visibility, also ice can prove particularly dangerous with the risk of your horses slipping – avoid all of these potential risks by training in a much safer indoor environment.

Quality Buildings To Your Specification

All of our equestrian buildings are built to your specifications. When we take on your project we ask you what features and additions you want and exactly what you need out of the building. We can build everything from large clear span portal framed buildings right down to smaller individual stables – it’s all about what your requirements are.

Our constructions always meet the necessary requirements for being used in an equestrian setting including ample space, lighting and ventilation to ensure all the benefits of riding outdoors but without the winter hazards.

If you’re looking for a solution to protect your horses from the elements, as well as giving you the ability to exercise, ride and train with them under the shelter, then get in touch with us here at Southcon (Kingstone). Call us today on 01981 251251 for more information or contact us via our website.

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