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The Benefits Of Steel In Industrial Buildings


Steel has been used in construction since the 1800s, and it’s still standing strong today as one of the best materials to use in industrial buildings. So, what’s the secret to steel’s success? As specialists in steel industrial buildings, Southcon Kingstone look at five of the advantages of steel here.


In inclement conditions, steel is the material to use for your industrial building. It is resistant against weather conditions, pollution and general wear and tear. Unlike other metals, steel isn’t prone to rust or corrosion and, unlike its wooden and timber counterparts, a steel frame is fire proof and unaffected by damp, mould or bugs. In further parts of the world, steel is even built to protect people from hurricanes and tornados. In short, it can withstand pretty much anything you could throw at it!


When constructing an industrial building, you want it to be sturdy. Steel has a higher strength to weight ratio than the majority of other building materials. It won’t corrode, chip, splinter, divide or buckle and it provides a sturdy structure, both internally and externally, which will stand the test of time. All this, and it is still relatively light compared to some other building materials, meaning it’s an easier product to handle during the construction process.

Environmentally Friendly

Almost all steel in use on building sites today is recycled, and if it’s not then you can be sure it will be eventually. The great thing about it is that it doesn’t lose its quality and durability; no matter how many times it is used, steel will still withstand bugs, pollution and weather conditions to the same extent as if it was new.

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