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Expanding Your Business: How Our Industrial Construction Services Can Help

As your business expands, the physical space you occupy needs to grow too. Whether you plan on extending existing buildings or having new ones constructed you’re going to want these new constructions to be built for purpose, reliable, high quality and (most importantly) service your specific needs.

The last thing you want is an ‘off the shelf’ standard design that you try to fit your business’s operations around; you need quality industrial structures that are built specifically with your needs in mind.

New Bespoke Steel Structures & Extensions

Whether you’re expanding on an existing site or contemplating builds in a completely new location, we’re always excited to get involved and help with everything from the structural designs and sourcing materials to the final construction of your new steel structure.

Taking into consideration your requirements and requests for your new build, we design a bespoke structure that is fully tailored to what your business needs are. From factories and warehouses to agricultural and equestrian buildings, our expertise is far reaching. All the steel and cladding materials we use meet British Standards for quality, and you can be confident that our experienced team will complete your project on time and on budget – while keeping you fully updated along the way.

Industrial Refurbishment Services

Perhaps, as your business expands, you feel the need to bring existing structures up to the same level of quality or you want consistent quality in a building that you plan to extend. If that’s the case, then our industrial refurbishments can really help improve the appearance and safety of any older structures already on your site.

Refurbishments are an area of our expertise that we are particularly proud of, with countless satisfied clients who came to us with a variety of different requirements – whether it’s repairing steel work, replacing or refurbishing cladding or both, we can carry out work to impeccably high standards to give your existing industrial buildings a real lift.

If your business is expanding and you need new steel structures, high quality extensions or simple refurbishments to improve your existing site then Southcon can help. We are one of the leading designers and constructors of industrial buildings in Worcester, and can oversee your project from start to finish – regardless of size. Call us today on 01981 251251 to discuss the needs of your building project and see how we can help.

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