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Protecting Your Farm from Flooding

The floods throughout the UK have caused havoc for homes and families in a variety of locations. One huge effect they have had is on the agriculture, and many farms are now sat waiting for the water to drain away from their fields, knowing crops are ruined and the land will be sodden for months before it starts to recover. This is a terrifying concept for any agricultural owner and therefore taking steps to avoid being hit by flooding is always a good decision. Here at Southcon (Kingstone) Ltd we are constantly providing agricultural building solutions for farmers who want to protect their equipment and produce.

We may not be able to provide you with a huge umbrella which shields your land from a downpour, but what we can do is install various types of agricultural buildings which will have a multitude of benefits. Whether it is a cattle shed, grain store or a general storage facility to be used for various products throughout the year, we can help. We are able to carry out all of the groundworks involved and during this process it may be a good idea to consider extensive drainage. This could be hugely important to protect the building itself from becoming damaged.

All of the buildings we install are of a superb standard, so you are investing for the future and we can guarantee they will be stood for years to come. By having a fully sealed building you can lock away your expensive machinery or protect your animals during flooding within the vicinity. You may need to consider extra forms of protection from water including sandbags too to give the store items a chance of survival in terrible flooding.

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