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Southcon Kingstone Build New Car Showroom

Earlier this year, Southcon Kingstone completed an exciting project in Hereford. The project was for BMW & Mini and involved us building a brand new car showroom.

The dealership based in Hereford originally showcased both BMWs and Minis under one roof. But now we’ve built this all-purpose showroom, the classic, UK-based car brand will be showcased in it’s own right once again.

The automotive sector may not be the first that comes to mind when you think of steel structures, but our durable, multi-purpose structures can be adapted to suit any industry’s needs. All of our buildings are manufactured from the most durable and high-quality materials we can source.

We started the project late last year and completed it around two months ago. Working closely with the client we ensured that all their needs were taken care of and produced the perfect space to showcase the renowned car brand, which can also be used as a functional garage. We’re happy to get involved in a project right from the start, and work hard to create a building which meets all our clients’ needs while adhering to British Standards.

Whether you are looking for an industrial building, agricultural building or any other form of steel frame structure in Hereford and the surrounding areas, Southcon Kingstone can help. We are a leading supplier of steel frame buildings in the local area, and are happy to turn our hands to all types of projects. We not only supply steel structures, but offer a complete project management service tailored to your requirements and ensure that your project is delivered on budget and on time. For more information call 01981 251251 or contact us online.

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