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Why Now is the Perfect Time to Refurbish a Leaking Asbestos Roof

A quality steel framed building will last for decades. Strong materials and construction techniques can ensure that a building will happily stand up to the elements and rigours of the day to day grind. Unfortunately if these buildings have any Achilles heel, it is in their roofing. The stereotype of the industrial unit with the battered roof that rattles in the wind and leaks in the rain is a well-known one.

With winter well underway, now is the time that any problems with the roof of an industrial unit will rear their head, making now the perfect time for a roof refurbishment. However, this can be quite a daunting task, as many older industrial buildings utilise asbestos in their construction including in their roofs.

The dangers of asbestos are well documented, anything but the most careful handling can release a cloud of fibres that are deadly if inhaled. This can make an asbestos roof refurbishment a tricky and potentially very dangerous business. One that is best entrusted to those experienced in handling and disposal of the material.

With this in mind, a leaking roof is still a leaking roof regardless of its construction material and refurbishment now can be a wise decision given the many problems that can arise from a leaking asbestos roof:

• Leakage can lead to dangerous slippery floors and provide a workplace distraction
• There is potential for damage to equipment should a leak over a machine go unnoticed
• At this time of year in particular, holes in the roof offer an ideal place for heat to escape
• A leaking roof is only ever going to get worse, something that can be amplified in winter due to the danger of trapped water freezing and expanding.

A leaking roof, asbestos or otherwise, is not a problem to ignore, especially in winter. By relying on an expert firm like Southcon (Kingstone) Ltd that specialise in Steel Buildings in Hereford, you can be confident in the knowledge that the job will be done to the highest possible standards of safety and of quality.

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